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5 Helpful and Healthy Tips For Ramadan Fasting
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5 Helpful and Healthy Tips For Ramadan Fasting

3 years ago
During fasting month, your body is going through dietary changes. Make sure these changes do not interfere with your activity or health. This is also to ensure after Ramadan, we will be more refreshed.

Check out the following tips in order to stay healthy and fit during the holy month:

1. Drink plenty of water

Most of our body consists of water therefore we are more susceptible to dehydration during fasting. Make sure to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water from the Iftar until Sahur.

2. Avoid sugary and oily foods

Sugar contains high enough calories that can spike your blood sugar level and oily or fatty foods can cause stomach acid. It is best avoid both types of foods, especially in the month of fasting.

3. Increase consumption of protein and high fiber foods

Protein and high fiber are good for digestion in order to assist with the detox process. High fiber foods will also keep one feeling satiated longer so it is suitable for consumption at Sahur.

4. Adequate sleep

Make sure you have enough sleep because you have get up earlier for Sahur and prayer. Lack of sleep will affect the appetite, body condition, and brain performance.

5. Add vitamin & herbal intake

Selection of proper nutrition intake will greatly affect your energy throughout the day. Consumption of supplements is also no exception. Herbal supplements such as turmeric pills to help boost the body’s antioxidant and aid digestive health.

Those are some of the tips to help ensure smooth fasting. Happy fasting!

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