8 Benefits of Red Ginger
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8 Benefits of Red Ginger

4 years ago
Ginger is one of the healthiest and most beneficial herbs. There are several types of ginger that are often found in the market. One of them is red ginger. Red ginger is somewhat different from other types of ginger. In addition to the reddish color, it is also more often used for medicines than as a cooking spice and has a spicier flavor compared with other ginger.

Red ginger contains useful compounds such as shogaol, gingerol, zingeron, and many more. With so many active substances that can cure various ailments, no wonder red ginger is a very popular herb. Here are some benefits of red ginger:

1. Warming The Body

The content of spicy flavor of gingerol is very useful for warming the body in order to feel more comfortable in the rainy season.

2. Treating Headaches

Containing kamfena, spicy flavor, and warm effects, red ginger is very powerful to relieve headache.

3. Preventing Inflammatory Bowel

The active component of zingeron in red ginger can inhibit the enzyme that triggers digestive inflammation.

4. Strengthens Body’s Immunity

Red ginger extract can prevent and kill harmful bacteria in the body so that the immune system will be much stronger.

5. Treating Cough

The content of essential oil in red ginger is useful to overcome cough, both for children and adults.

6. Overcoming Nausea & Increasing Appetite

One of the effects of red ginger is to help eliminate extra gas in the intestinal tract which helps eliminates nausea during pregnancy or chemotherapy and in turn, increases appetite.

7. Losing Weight

Taking red ginger extract pills as a dietary supplement is beneficial in providing a longer satiety effect on stomach and also great for burning calories.

8. Keeping Heart Conditions

Regular consumption of red ginger is proven to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels which are the main cause of heart disease.

With so many benefits of red ginger, it’s time to make red ginger part of your daily supplement!

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