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Ways to Maintain Health During Transitional Season
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Ways to Maintain Health During Transitional Season

3 years ago
In this constantly changing weather conditions, it is very easy to catch a variety of illnesses. Sudden changes in temperature and rainy season require an adaptable body’s immune, especially if you are always on the go. Keeping a good stamina is a must in order to be able stay fit.

Transitional seasons are often associated with conditions such as heatiness, cough, cold and fever. Temperature and air changes create ideal conditions for the growth of germs and viruses around us. What are the ways to deal with this type of weather and stay healthy?

1. Adequate Daily Intake of Nutrition

Make sure to have adequate intake nutritional needs and drink enough water. Eating regularly with a balanced menu is also very helpful to immune system.

2. Prepare Proper Outerwear

With sudden weather changes, there is a big chance to be trapped in rain and wind. Always be ready with a layer of good protection such as jacket or raincoat to avoid getting wet and catching a cold.

3. Maintain Good Hygiene

Routine hand washing ensures no nesting bacteria especially having been out all day. Also, pay attention to the hygiene of food and drinks consumed.

4. Get Enough Rest

Make sure sleep time is always within 6-8 hours and do not stay up late so the body doesn’t get too tired. You will be more susceptible to sickness when getting less sleep.

5. Intake of Beneficial Supplements

Supplements such as turmeric can help strengthen body's immune system. Rich with curcuminoid that serves as an antioxidant, regular consumption of this traditional herbal extract pills is can help keep you strong and healthy.

Hopefully everyone will stay healthy and can keep doing daily activities without a hitch!