A herbal feminine care product.

With Kayu Rapet and Jati Belanda Leaves as the main ingredients, Rapet Wangi is made of 100% natural herbal ingredients that is safe to consume and do not alter the vaginal pH balance. Also works to tone feminine parts, create pleasant body scent, and prevent and treat vaginal discharge.

Health Benefits

  • Maintains vaginal PH

    Maintains vaginal PH

    Without Disrupting Natural PH
  • Tones feminine parts

    Tones feminine parts

    And provides pleasant scent
  • Treats vaginal discharge

    Treats vaginal discharge

    Reduces Excessive Slimes

Key Ingredients

  • Jati Belanda Leaves

  • Sirih Leaves

  • Elettaria Cardamomum

  • Kayu Rapet

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